About Us

Our Mission Statement

     Our Mission is to provide Quality Product, exceptional service and build relationships based on honesty that give our customers assurance and peace of mind.

     Rustling Leaves Nursery was established in 2009 as a compliment to our landscape contracting services. Over the years, we have grown into a small quality oriented nursery, that specializes in ornamental deciduous B&B trees.

     Gary Vander Waal, Owner of Rustling Leaves Nursery, was raised in the green house industry and has a love for growing "things". Gary is passionate about growing trees, shrubs and ornamental grasses that are prairie hardy.

     Gary enjoys building relationships with new and existing clients and believes that every business transaction happens because of a honest and sincere connection.

     At Rustling Leaves Nursery we grow a large variety of prairie hardy trees. We are always pushing the envelope when it comes to finding new and unique trees that are suitable for our region. We take pride in supplying quality trees to contractors and other nurseries.

     We strive every year to improve on our pruning techniques, resulting in a large percentage of our trees meeting or exceeding City Specifications.