Southern Alberta Sustainable Greenery

The name Rustling Leaves comes from the sound of the wind brushing through the leaves in southern Alberta and we want to share that with you. Contact us today so that you can have your own piece of the natural beauty that thrives in our local climate.

Healthy, Beautiful Trees and Shrubs

Search our extensive portfolio for a detailed list of the many beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers that we can offer you. Also be sure to check out our Tips page to ensure that your greenery is getting the proper care to surround you with the beauty of nature for many years to come

Creative ideas

We can help you plan and select the perfect assortment of trees, shrubs and flowers for your home, business or in any space that you want to add that special touch.

Trees For Every Season

Southern Alberta is known for it's extremes when it comes to weather patterns. Ask our experts to provide you with annual and perennial options to suit your perfect landscaping vision that can thrive even in our winter

Expert advice

We have extensive knowledge in both the nursery as well as landscaping industries so we can provide a professional, dependable answer to any question that you may have regarding our products or any greenery that is currently in your care.

Wholesale Available

We have a wide variety and great quantity of many quality trees. Check out our portfolio for an inventory of what is on hand currently and we can help you begin to plan your perfect yard.